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The Danish fetish club scene began to take form around 1995 with the first ever Fetish Fashion Party. This party is still an annual recurring fetish party in Copenhagen today and has become the main event for the Scandinavian fetish community. With each year the crowd continues to grow.

Shortly after the first Fetish Fashion Party, ManiFest was founded in 1998 and since then ManiFest has hosted fetish parties, on average, every second month. Forming a solid and well established concept arranged by a very experienced and dedicated team of lifestyler kinksters.

This has ensured an authentic core spirit that has its roots firmly planted in the fetish and bdsm subculture. After many years of positive momentum, the club has manifested itself as a central hotspot for the fetish, kink and BDSM scene in Denmark.

As well as local visitors, over the years there has developed overwhelming support and increasing interest from international guests and traveling kinksters.

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The common ground for everyone attending ManiFest is fetishism, with a dedicated focus on clothing. If you don't enjoy dressing up, this is probably not the right party for you! 

With fetish being the core value, ManiFest caters for many varying preferences. For example, sadomasochists, exhibitionists, voyeurs, bondage enthusiasts, swingers, BDSM people, transvestites, gays, hedonists, lesbians, bisexuals, queers and everything inbetween. All sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome and encouraged at ManiFest. Young or old, beginner or experienced, ManiFest welcomes everyone in the name of fetishism and extreme sexual expression

Fundamentally the strict dresscode is the essential element, as are values such as consent, freedom, passion, desire, self expression and a distinctly mutual respect for others. 

We also take our guests behaviour very seriously. To ensure this we have a Code of Conduct that all attendees are asked to read before attending. These are the guidelines for what is acceptable behavior at our events. If you fail to comply to this Code of Conduct you will be asked to leave and most likely baned from attending again. This keeps ManiFest a safe place where everyone can feel free knowing their limits are observed and respected also when they let go of their inhabitions.


ManiFest has always been a members club. We belive this is a good thing for two reasons.

Firstly, signing up for a ManiFest membership shows that you have made a concious choice to be part of this vibrant subculture.

Secondly, as event organisors, we know exaclty who is attending our events. This helps ensure a safe and secure enviroment to misbehave responsibly within.

We believe membership and the policies attached are what has helped make ManiFest become what it is today.

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We are constantly experimenting in new directions in regards to our concepts, venues, facilities, performances, music profiles and play spaces.

We have many exciting plans for ManiFest's future and we look forward to realising and sharing these visions over the coming years.

We also continue to work very hard to build bridges between sexual and subculture communities and launch new initiatives for how to make ManiFest even more openminded and dedicated to all kinds of fetishism, kink diversity and sex positive lifestyles.




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