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Please check our FAQ below before contacting us with simple questions. 

For all questions regarding the dresscode, please have a look at our dresscode section.

How do I sign up as a member?

- You can sign up for a free ManiFest Membership by clicking membership in the top menu.


Can I sell my ticket to another person?
- No. 
Tickets are personal and linked to your membership. The name on the ticket must match the ID of the ticket holder. Therefore it's not permitted to resell your ticket to another person.
Tickets are nonrefundable. In case you are unable to attend an event we only offer the option to rebook your ticket. This is only possible up to 96 hours (4 days) before the event.
A ticket can only be rebooked to the next scheduled event according to our official event calendar and can only be rebooked once.

When there is less than 96 hours to the event your ticket cannot be rebooked or refunded.


Request a rebooking

If you're a ticket holder who is unable to attend, we can offer to rebook your ticket up to 96 hours (4 days) before the event. Fill out this form to request a rebooking, and we will get back to you in the coming days.


Can I get a discount?

- We have the same ticket prices for everyone. No matter age, nationality, gender or identity.
If you would like to have a discount you can earn a free ticket by joining our crew. You can read more here.

Is there are wardrobe at the venue?
- At all our parties you will find a wardrobe for your coat/jacket. If you bring a bag we kindly ask you to bring a small bag due to limited room for bags.

Is there a changing room?

- At all our parties you will find a changing room available before you enter the party. 

Is there a smokers area?

- We always try to find the best solution possible with a designated area for smokers. Usually it’s outside and at some venues even with heaters.

Where do I find inspiration/clothes?

- We have one official sponsor. Homoware which have a physical shop in Copenhagen. If you like to use online stores there are plenty of great options out there. In our FetLife group https://fetlife.com/groups/34290/posts/18919993 you find our members' best recommendations.
Otherwise search the web for fetish clothing + latex, leather, wetlook, leather, pvc, satin or whatever you can imagine. Mind taxes, fees and duties when you order outside the EU. Consider spending a little bit extra to have it custom made, and do check if it’s possible to return it, if it doesn’t fit as you expected.

Do you sell alcohol?
- You will always find a good selection of beers, drinks, bubbles and wines at the bar.

Is extreme play allowed?

- We do encourage many forms of play. Due to hygiene blood, piss, scat and other messy games are not allowed.
Breathe play and fire play are not allowed unless on special supervised occasions like stage performances.
If you do wax play or similar make sure to have a cover underneath.

How do I meet others from the scene?
- A great way to meet others from the scene is to join our crew. You can read more here. We also have a group on FetLife and Darkside where you can reach out to like minded kinksters.
If you are new to the scene look out for our Newcomers meetup event. We announce this in our newsletter. We also have a group on FetLife and Darkside where you can reach out.

What is the difference between ManiFest and Fetish Fashion Party?

- ManiFest is a members-only club since 1998. As a member you can get access to 6-8 parties a year.
Fetish Fashion Party is run by ManiFest and has been the annual international event since 1995. For Fetish Fashion Party you do not have to have a membership to participate. You just need to book a ticket.

What is ManiFest?

- You can read more about ManiFest in the About section.

What is the address of your club?

- We do not have our own venue. Instead we are visiting great venues around Copenhagen suitable for our events. You can always find the address for the upcoming party at the event page.


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