To enter the party, you must pass the Dresscode Check-in. So please make sure to follow our dresscode.

See the full description of all the materials here!


See the full description of all the materials here! 

Jeans, street wear and standard evening wardrobe of all kinds are NOT allowed at ManiFest

If you don't enjoy dressing up, we might not be the right party for you!

Why do we have a strict dresscode?

ManiFest is an extreme fetish event, maintaining a strict dresscode for everyone. We uphold this strict dresscode not out of snobbery or elitism, but because ManiFest success lies in the creative effort all participants put into their outfits.
You're not required to spend big bucks on outfits. Rather, we encourage you to let your creativity run wild. ManiFest is your stage to manifest the most extravagant or extreme version of you.

If your outfit can blend in at a regular party or not attract attention in public transport, it likely won't meet our dresscode standard.
Unsure about your outfit?
Feel free to check with us before the party by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than Tuesday before the event.

If you don't pass the Dresscode Check-in

Our dedicated dresscode guides at the entrance serve to uphold the unique visual aspect of our event. In the case your outfit doesn't meet the dresscode our dresscode guides will try offer suggestions on how you can modify your outfit to align with our guidelines.

We kindly request that you refrain from displaying aggression towards our dresscode guides. They are carrying out this important task based on provided instructions from the organizers.

If you are in doubt about your dresscode contact our dresscode and in addition you can bring a backup outfit in case your primary choice doesn't meet the dresscode.

In the rare circumstance that no last-minute modifications can help you adhere to the dresscode, entry to the party will unfortunately be denied. This measure is not meant to be punitive, but to ensure the ambiance and spirit of ManiFest is maintained.

Contact our dresscode guide

If you don't find the answer in the dresscode FAQ below please e-mail our dresscode guide at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with photos of your planned outfit for guidance. You can write us in Danish or English.

At the door our dresscode guide has the final say and instructions must be followed.

You can be denied access, if you do not comply with the dresscode.

5 inspirational guidelines:

  • Your outfit and overall expression must be fetishistic!

  • If you can wear your outfit to a mainstream event without being stared at, then it is probably not an outfit for ManiFest!

  • Extreme sexual and erotically provocative expressions are most welcome!

  • Be creative - extravagance is highly encouraged.

  • You can never be overdressed - make an effort with your outfit.

Dresscode Examples

For your guidance, we have created some simple examples of outfits illustrating common misunderstandings we encounter at the Dresscode Check-in.

Each example showcases an outfit that would pass the dresscode check-in, alongside the same outfit that would result in denied entry to the party.

Click here to see all examples.


Typical questions about Dresscode

Q: I would like to wear camouflage pants and fishnet shirt – is this OK?
A: No, camouflage wear in any shape or form (except if it is made out of one of the materials in the dresscode), is regarded as work clothes and will not pass our dresscode.

Q: I have a train conductor uniform. Can I wear that?
A: No, this uniform is regarded as work clothes and will not pass our dresscode.

Q: I have a complete SS uniform. Can I wear that?
A: A SS uniform complies with our dresscode as this is a parade uniform and not work clothes. Beware that for some people, even in the fetish world, it can cause strong reactions to wear nazi fetishistic symbols. So you must prepare yourself to be confronted if you choose this type of outfit. As many people are sensitive about this kind of fetish, it is extremely important that you are extra considerate

Q: Are weapons such as firearms allowed as part of the uniform outfit?
A: Real or imitation weapons, even if they could form part of a uniform ensemble, are strictly prohibited.

Q: Are black jeans shorts permitted?
A: Jeans shorts of any kind, regardless of their color, do not adhere to the dresscode.

Q: As a muscular individual, could I pass the Dresscode Check-in in shoes and cotton underwear/boxer shorts only?
A: Although your physique may be impressive, a full outfit is required. Consider wearing male lingerie and accessorizing generously to pass the Dresscode Check-in.

Q: Can I use an outfit from a party shop?
A: Costumes of low quality from party shops, such as a lycra nurse outfit, do not meet our dresscode standards.

Q: Can a full leather motorcycle suit be my outfit?
A: Attire like a full leather motorcycle suit, which can be worn casually elsewhere, does not comply with our dresscode.


Q: Is wearing a kilt acceptable?
A: Kilts made of the materials (or similar) specified in our dresscode are welcome.

Q: Is a full body neoprene swimsuit acceptable?
A: Despite neoprene being defined as a fetish material, a full body swimsuit made of it is regarded as everyday or hobby attire and hence, does not pass the Dresscode Check-in.

Q: Will a Lolita or little-girl outfit pass the Dresscode Check-in?
A: Although the Lolita look is primarily made of cotton, it is only allowed if made from the specified range of materials or similar. Cotton panties are considered accessories and hence, are allowed.

Q: Can I wear my designer suit?
A: Designer suits, while stylish, are considered everyday clothing and therefore do not meet our dresscode requirements.

Q: Are cotton shirts or t-shirts allowed?
A: Cotton shirts or t-shirts are not in line with our dresscode.

Q: Can I wear my regular black fabric trousers, shorts, or skirts?
A: Regular black fabric trousers, shorts, and skirts are seen as everyday clothing and hence, are not dresscode compliant.

Q: I would like to wear a tonsure (priest) shirt and black dress pants. Will it comply with the dresscode?
A: No, tonsure shirt + dress pants are regarded as work clothes for catholic priests except if it is made out of one of the materials in the dresscode.

Q: I get sexually aroused by wearing a diaper (without “using” it) and preferably under nylon panties. Will this be OK at ManiFest?
A: Yes, this is very OK at ManiFest. Remember to combine it with a top that complies with the dresscode and that the overall expression is sexual and kinky.

Q: Can I be naked at ManiFest?
A: No, the naked body as such is not part of the dresscode. But if you decorate your body to emphasize it as a fetishistic symbol, it is OK. It could be with body paint, bondage, piercings etc.


While extravagant footwear is always encouraged, we understand the need for comfort on the dancefloor and that not everyone can manage outrageous shoes.

If the rest of your outfit is impressively in theme, a pair of plain black trainers (or a colour that complements your outfit) can be acceptable.

However, worn-out trainers, Crocs, flip flops, muddy walking boots, beach sandals, and old Converse sneakers are strictly prohibited.





Homoware - (MisterB Concept Store)
Larsbjørnsstræde 11, kælderen
1454 Copenhagen

L for Love
Mikkel Bryggers Gade 3
1460 Copenhagen



Black No 1, Nørre Voldgade 52, 1358 Copenhagen

Dmasque, Larsbjørnsstræde 1, 1454 Copenhagen

ORION Copenhagen, Rødovre, Odense & Herning



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www.blackbody.nl (NL) 

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www.drharness.com (US)

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www.misterb.com (Concept Store @ Homoware, CPH)

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Check also this latex shop list: 


Your creativity is endless 

Search the web for fetish clothing + a material like latex, leather, wetlook, leather, pvc, satin or whatever fetish material you can imagine. Mind taxes, fees and duties when you order outside the EU. 

Consider spending a little bit extra to have it custom made, and do check if it’s possible to return it, if it doesn’t fit as you expected.



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